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Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice

Cudeca Hospice Foundation, founded in 1992, is the only non profit independent Hospice in Spain, in Málaga, in the South of Spain. Its mission undertakes to: 1. Offer high standards of palliative care to patients suffering from cancer and other advanced or terminal disease 2. Offer support and advice to those who take care of patients throughout the illness, and after throughout the bereavement period 3. Offer a personalized response to patients and family needs, both at home and in our Centre through our caring programmes 4. Develop innovative therapies actively seeking to maintain patient dignity and autonomy so that they can have the highest quality of life possible, in spite of the limitations of their illness. 5. Give care to everyone in need regardless of race or religion. 6. Develop training and research programmes that contribute to extend palliative care and assures a constant improvement in the quality of the care provided.

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CAREALIA: SME to offer AAL health & behavioral monitoring with IoT

semantic web interpretation health monitoring behavioral monitoring dementia drug adherence trials patient organization sme business

CAREALIA: SME to offer AAL health & behavioral monitoring with IoT - Read More…