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Artificial intelligence for data analysis and other purposes

Our organisation type is:: Research institution

We are active in the following Technologies: human-machine-interface, other, sensors-actuators, smart-home, software-web-networks, tele-monitoring

Action type: Research, Development

Applications: Health & wellness, Safety, security, privacy, Home care

We have a lot of experience with analyzing sensor data using machine learning. We have worked with inertial sensors, UWB location sensors, infrared motion capture, various vital signs sensors and ambient sensors. We have done activity recognition, fall detection, human energy expenditure estimation, recognition of various diseases, and recognition of unusual and suspicious events in general. This gives us confidence to tackle just about any task related to sensor data.

We also work with other data sources, such as health records, usage logs and databases. We have general-purpose data-mining and decision-support expertize with a focus on combining expert knowledge with data mining, and designing human-understandable classifiers. We have applied this expertize to health risk assessment, user profiling and other tasks.

We also have experience with smart-home applications and natural-language user interfaces.

We can develop desktop or mobile applications.

Contact details


Mitja Lustrek
Phone: +386 1 4773380


Jozef Stefan Institute
Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana