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Big Data and scientific modeling and algorithms

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Interfaces, software (front end), Integration

Applications: Other

Founded in 1996, ORS (Operational Research Systems) is a German-Italian software company specialized in developing cross-industry solutions for optimizing processes by using cutting-edge scientific modeling and algorithms.

We are a team of mathematicians, statisticians, economists, econometricians, quantum physicists, psychologists and specialists in other fields of applied science.

​ORS software solutions are 4.0 applications, which make use of science and leverage on 20 years of experience in selecting and applying algorithms to optimize complex problems, processing Big Data, from public and proprietary databases, from sensors and machines.

Contact details


Antonio Vetrò, PhD
Phone: +39 0173 620211


O.R.S. Operational Research Systems S.R.L.
Via Morando nr. 1/3, 12060 Roddi (CN) - Italy