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End-user non-profit organization specialized in home care services/daily centers

Our organisation type is:: SME, End user organisation, Other

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, User perspective, Social Science/Elderly, Field trials / living lab

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer, Mobility, Social interaction

Who we are:

We are an Italian non-profit cooperative established in 1987.

Our mission is to pursue the interests of the community promoting human and social integration of citizens, especially disadvantaged ones, through the management of social, health and educational of services.

Currently, we are 60 working members supporting about 88 people with disabilities, 157 children and 262 elders who are suffering from social.

Our Values:

- Territoriality. Our territory is the main stakeholder of our projects, it is made of relationships, organizations and people, and we must take care of its resources and needs.

- “Domiciliarity” (Home-care). We look for the autonomy of our beneficiaries and their families, they have the resources and we can reveal them if we gently enter their life stories.

- Work with the community. Quality of life may improve if relations improve, if we develop human capital and we overcome self-interests.

What we do:

We provide social-health care and education services, mostly but not only directed to respond to the needs of people with psycho-physical handicaps, elderly, children and youth. Our services are provided both through day-care structures (non-residential), and home-care assistance. They include:

  • Home care services.
  • Day-care centres for rehabilitation and socialization.
  • Training paths in favour of disadvantaged people.
  • Promotional and social activities for the whole community.

Our main strength factor:

  • Long and direct experience in working with end-users.
  • Strong relationships in the territory and with local stakeholders in the fields of health care, education and social services as well as local public actors. Our network includes: 12 municipalities, the hospital agency (ULSS 8), local associations, schools, theatres, enterprises, cooperatives and other local stakeholders.
  • The collaboration of a wide range of skilled professionals.
  • A strong participatory approach due to our values and the ability to listen stakeholders to give concrete answers to unattended needs.
  • Social innovation perspective.
  • Experience as EU mobility projects coordinators (Erasmus +).

At the European level we propose ourselves as:

  • Partners for EU projects in our work fields (aging, health, disability, education, social services).
  • Pilot site, especially for projects concerning: people with disability, elderly affected by Alzheimer or similar cognitive problems, young and minors at risk of Early School Leaving.
  • Coordinators, sending/receiving organization for mobility projects.


Furtehr info at:

Contact details


Andrea Giaretta


Margherita Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS
Via Andretto 7, 36066 Sandrigo