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End User Pilot Site, Telecare Service, Active Ageing, Social Services Provision

Our organisation type is:: End user organisation

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, User perspective, Design, Field trials / living lab, Interfaces, software (front end), Standardization

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Mobility, Safety, security, privacy, Social interaction

Agencia de Servicios Sociales y Dependencia de Andalucía (Andalusian Social Services and Dependency Agency, ASSDA) is a non-profit organization stemming from the Andalusian regional government (Junta de Andalucía, Andalusia, Spain) providing a wide range of social services and assistance to elderly and people in a dependent situation. ASSDA headquarters are located in Seville and Malaga, and has delegations in the 8 provinces of Andalusia. The current number of employees is over 1.500. ASSDA provides social and care services in Andalusia, the southern region of Spain. The application of new technologies to social services, and the promotion and development of transnational initiatives, are among its main objectives. Within the “new technologies for social services” action line, ASSDA offers a community alarm service and runs a tele-assistance service centre that provides 24 hour, seven days a week service. Currently 173,168 users are connected to this service. It has 120 workstations between Malaga and Seville, making it the largest tele-assistance service in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Around 2,500 calls from clients are received per day, with up to 10% of them classified as emergency calls. The number of clients is growing at a rate of 35,000 per year. The objective of ASSDA tele-assistance service is to improve senior citizens’ quality of life by giving more autonomy and independence; by enabling senior citizens to stay in a friendly environment; by bringing fast attention in case of emergency, and by supporting families who take care of their seniors. ASSDA also provides additional services like day care centres, social inclusion programmes or the Card65 programme which promotes and provides access to special campaigns and activities tailored at the elderly population. ASSDA has participated in the following European projects: SOPRANO (IST-2006-045212): The development of a reference platform of contextually aware smart services with intuitive natural interfaces geared at enabling the elderly to live independently. COMMONWELL (ICT-PSP 225005): The general goal of the CommonWell project is to support independent living for older people and those with long term conditions, integrating and evaluating healthcare and social care services. FLORENCE (ICT-2009-248730): The project’s aim is to improve the well-being of the elderly, as well as to improve the efficiency in care delivery through AAL services supported by a general-purpose robot platform. INDEPENDENCE (CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3): Provision of an integrated service, with high quality between social care and health information (ASSDA and Salud Responde) WE CARE (AAL): Support and promote participation of elderly people in social networks before they start to suffer any kind of limitations (lack of health, isolation, loneliness) CVN (AAL): Create a connection system with audio/video, with family and friends covering social needs. T-CARES (People Interreg IVC): Promote and improve the knowledge of teleassistance systems, both for users and carers

Contact details


Pablo Quinones European Projects Manager


Agency For Social Services and Dependency of Andalucia
Marie Curie 6, 29590 Malaga