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Shopping at Inelet-promote ecotourism and supporting local communities

Our organisation type is:: End user organisation, Evaluation (trials) specialist organisation

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, Social Science/Elderly, Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Integration, Accessibility, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Impact assessment, Knowledge transfer, Project management

Applications: Hobbies , Knowledge Transfer, Safety, security, privacy, Social interaction

„Friends of nature Banat” Association(Asociatia Prietenii Naturii Banat-in ro) - having the headquarters in Romania - which is affiliated to the umbrella type international organization called „Friends of nature”(
We are an organization that loves mountains and we practice often mountain treks allowing us to "shake hands with nature" and to better understand the importance of protected areas therefore greatly promote ecotourism and supporting local communities.
Concern for environmental protection is primordial for us, so our actions are carried out with the utmost respect for the environment.At the middle of year 2015 many persons have met first online through the site and they made a facebook group named „ Hai sa drumetim !” (Let`s go trekking ! ).The initiators were Ionescu Calin Cornel and Ionescu Lelia. Shortly , the activity has grown and the activities in nature intensify and the group raises,so it has been taken the decision to create an non-guvernamental organisation named Prietenii Naturii Banat (Nature`s Friends Banat). 
The activity of Prietenii Naturii Banat (Nature`s Friends Banat) is at the beginning ,being established since 2nd of March 2017 by the following founders : Ionescu Calin Cornel,Ionescu Lelia and Glujdea Adriana Mihaela . The founders have experience from the other corelated organisations Prietenii Naturii ( Nature`s Friends). 
The organisation wishes to implement a new concept of projects which highlights the potential of the natural resources and the potential of culture from interest area , Banat region from Romania and the neighbourhood of region Banat : Timis county , Caras-Severin county ,Arad county and Hunedoara county. Although young ,the organisation has 67 affiliated members and over 500 sympathize members.
Shopping at Inelet 
Aims to help a small local community by creating ecotourism packages but also creating a site through which local products can be purchased. Local people who live their life there, Inelet, a place isolated in Muntii Cernei Romania, are 80% Age and average income per capita is about 50 euro.The greatest difficulty is encountered by the elderly people in that area who need to buy long-distance products by traversing a 15 km trail on a hard-to-reach mountain trail. Even in this century, even in Europe, there is Households without electricity, and this makes the lives of the aging even more difficult.
In practical terms, the aim of the project is to popularize the area for ecotourism destination as well as to produce a site that will help to capitalize on the area's specific food and handicrafts.
Maintaining the health and functional capacity of the elderly by the fact that the persons in the project implementation area will have the necessary resources to acquire the medical treatments they need, but also to have an active life.
Increasing autonomy, self-esteem and mobility for a better life increases self-esteem as well as autonomy towards others.
Increasing security, preventing social isolation and maintaining the multifunctional network around the individual by practicing ecotourism, interact with others so they will no longer feel isolation.
Promoting a better and healthier lifestyle for people at risk through the products offered to tourists, they benefit from a consumption of natural food, in that area there are no insecticides and pesticides
Supporting social assistance by making the area's immature population more dependent on the social assistant.
As part of this project, Friends of Nature Banat will carry out the following
-realizes the construction of the distribution site products
-Secure communication with people in the area of interest
- Ensure mountain guides for ecotourism activities to be carried out by SME partners
Estimated budget of the Friends of Nature Association Banat 50.000 euro
Duration of the project: 24 months.
In this context, we are looking for partners in the SME category to capitalize on the ecotourism potential of the area, but also NGOs to promote eco-tourism.

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„Friends of nature Banat” Association
Cucului, 307220 Giroc