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IDIVAL promotes and develops research and biomedical innovation

Our organisation type is:: Research institution

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, User perspective, Field trials / living lab, Integration, Communication technologies / Tele-systems, Public Health policies, Impact assessment, Knowledge transfer

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer, Skills enhancement, Social interaction

IDIVAL promotes and develops research and biomedical innovation in the biomedical environment Cantabria whose epicenter Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, with a vocation to seek solutions to health problems and contributing to the scientific, educational, social and economic.


We want IDIVAL - with the help of the professionals that component becomes a center of international reference patient oriented service through the development of a researcher, innovative and high - quality teaching based on excellence.


    • scientific excellence.
    • Alignment with the needs of the environment.
    • Provision compete internationally.
    • Vocation of belonging to the institution.
    • Orientation to attracting talent.
    • Transparency and fairness in recruitment.
    • Focus on innovation and social return.
    • independent external evaluation.
    • Sustainability.

Valdecilla is already a center of knowledge generation and socioeconomic tractor for our region. The Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital and the Health Research Institute IDIVAL work to be a benchmark in research, translation and co-generation of wealth in our region.

IDIVAL has launched its own building located at the top of the Valdecilla estate in 2010. This building has 3000 m2 of space dedicated to research laboratories and general services. In 2012 it launched the Clinical Trials Unit located at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital.

In 2014 IDIVAL is constituted as a foundation and remodels its organizational structure. In March 2015 IDIVAL is accredited by the Institute of Health Carlos III as Institute for Health Research.

The bet IDIVAL current passes through -of the hand of his professionals- foster talent, internationalization and thus enhance the capabilities of the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital as medical center pointer with plenty of socio-economic revitalization of our region.

Contact details


Phone: +34942315515


Calle Cardenal Herrera Oria, s/n, 39011 SANTANDER