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Innovative solutions for elderly

Our organisation type is:: University

We are active in the following Technologies: Social Science/Elderly, Design, Field trials / living lab, Tertiary end-users: public sector service organizers, social security systems, insurance companies, Hardware, sensors, actuators, Interfaces, software (front end)

Applications: Health & wellness, Mobility


The university hospitals of Geneva (HUG) is the largest care facility consortium of Switzerland. As major inpatient and outpatient care provider in the Geneva state, HUG plays a major role in care provision, education and teaching as well as research and development. As the major state organization for healthcare, and being involved providing outpatient and inpatient care in primary, secondary and tertiary settings, HUG is tightly implicated in developing and testing new paradigms that contribute to healthier elderly, autonomous citizens, empowered patients especially in the case of chronic diseases. Confronted with a reversed demographic curve, increasing cost of care, decreasing human resources and economic pressure, HUG is strongly involved a strategic vision towards new paradigms for the healthcare system.

Our expertise

The Division of medical information sciences, SIMED, is a medical division of HUG devoted to R&D activities in the field of using information sciences and information technologies. As such, the SIMED as developed competencies in several fields:

  • Clinical information systems : From component-based architectures or cloud systems up to versatile human-machine interfaces, interoperability bridges, decision support or workflow engine, the clinical information systems is becoming a real technical and semantic challenge;
  • Big data , semantic representation, advanced visual analytics and innovative multimodal interaction for human-machine interfaces;
  • Advanced human-machine interfaces , augmented reality, dimensionality management, cognitive driven interfaces, the SIMED has developed original methodologies to develop evidence-based interfaces, merging multiple domains of competencies such as ergonomics, psychology and IT;
  • Multiplatform mobile development : Strong expertise in development tools on multiplatform environments, such as HTML5.
  • Sensors/actuators: Good experience in working with multi-modal sensors available on the market, including open source platforms such as Arduino. Good experience in building aggregator of multi-source sensors and/or coupling sensors to actuators.
  • Evaluation and usability: The SIMED has a full equipped laboratory of human-machine interactions interfaces, equipped for the most advanced technologies such as PTZ cameras, eye-trackers, EEG. The corresponding competencies cover psychology, ergonomics.

Project examples

See for a list of our current projects.

Why to choose us?

· Advanced R&D laboratory embedded in the largest Swiss care setting environment;

· Long track record and experience in the field of health IT;

· Easy access to care professionals, medical specialists, and patients;

· Multidisciplinary team;

· Fully operational testing environment;

· Dissemination experience, strong experience in scientific publishing

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