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HELMS - Health Coaching and Monitoring System for Older Adults

Expertise: Hardware, sensors, actuators

We are looking for the following organisations: University, Research institution, SME, Large Enterprise, Business partner

Looking for partners in the following Countries : Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia

The main challenge of the project is to enable older adults who live independently or with minimal assistance in their homes or in a care facility to maintain and improve their level of functional autonomy and social inclusion. We envision to achieve this using an innovative, unobtrusive cyber-physical platform that will be developed as part of the project and will be deployed within the homes of older adults. Older adults and their (in)formal caregivers will be involved as primary system end-users, with no to minimal input required from older adults themselves.


We are looking for organizations with hardware expertise (sensors).

Contact details


Maria Iuliana Bocicor


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