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Personal Health Account + mobile scanners

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: software-web-networks, tele-monitoring

Action type: Development

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Mobility

MyHealthAccount is patient centric health platform that enables individuals to gather health information in one place and further distribute the information to selected caregivers and relatives. myHealthaccount features are:

- Trackers: predefined and configurable for monitoring events such as blood pressure, weight, puls, oxygenation, general conditions ...

- Medication list: a configurable list of medications with drug-drug interaction (currently only drugs available in Sweden)

- Vaccinations: with list of predefined standard vaccines

- Health documents: general document support including medical images (DICOM)

- Sharing: trackers, documents, medications, vaccinations to care givers and relatives

MyHealthAccount is also integrated with Qualcomm-life 2net(TM) enabling scanners to upload measurements directly and seamlessly to a patients account.

The application has also an entry for care givers where they can have access to an account (provided they have consent of the account owner). myHealthAccount has also an extended API for 3:rd party application developers. 

Contact details


Sharok Kimiaei
Phone: 46704869630


Infogosoft AB
Infogosoft AB, 11145 Stockholm