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Open source software for eLearning in textiles - AAL

Our organisation type is:: University

We are active in the following Technologies: communication, new-materials, other, smart-home, software-web-networks

Action type: Research, Studies

Applications: Safety, security, privacy, Information and learning, Home care, Social interaction, Other

I study and teach the weaving processes. Traditional approach to teaching these processes has the disadvantage of a presentation largely of information not directly corresponding with the real phenomenon (understanding sectional warping phases). For this purpose requires the use of multimedia presentations for the connection between information and the phenomenon described. These presentations can be made classical, in the course room, but for better depth can use different e-learning systems. It can be used several open source solutions that can be applied to study the processes of weaving.  

Contact details


Adrian Buhu, Lecturer, Ph D


Technical University Gheorghe Asachi from Iasi
, Iasi