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Community care, integrated care and technology services, education

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, Social Science/Elderly, Communication technologies / Tele-systems, Learning & Training

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Safety, security, privacy

We are a are a nursing and care agency based in Malta with over 1200 employees. Amongst our clients we have various corporate and personal service users in the community mostly in the field of elderly. We have also various private public partnerships with the local National Health services. As part of our strategy we are planning to start collaboration with foreign oganizations on innovative projects and ideas related to community services, education as well as integrating technology with care. If you feel we can collaborate somehow as partners in any project please contact us for further discussion on eventual possibilities.

Contact details


Neville Schembri (Managing Director)


Healthmark Care Ltd.