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DigiRehab – Enabling caregivers to deliver efficient rehabilitation

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: User perspective, Tertiary end-users: public sector service organizers, social security systems, insurance companies, Learning & Training

Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer, Skills enhancement

DigiRehab (Danish SME) aims to enable caregivers – not educated in physical training – to carry out physical training, anticipating that a stronger body will have the effect that the elderlies will have less need of assistance.

DigiRehab is a tablet-based, modular IT-system developed for caregivers, to be used either in nursery homes with residents or in the elderly’s own homes. The caregiver is guided and helped through screenings and training exercises to obtain efficient and effective rehabilitation. 

The primary target group is caregivers and the capacity building of their rehabilitation skills, reducing the stress and care burden in the health-caregiver sector, with a simple ICT tool. Secondary, Digirehab aims to improve the quality of life for elderlies and empowering them to live meaningful, active and independent lives.

Experimenting with the Digirehab solution in AAL SCP gives opportunities to understand new end-user groups, validate and assess long-term market insights, technical barriers and identify industry collaboration partners.

Digirehab aims to explore novel approaches for involving new types of end users in order to co-create and experiment with the solution in a different environment outside of Denmark (public and/or private institutions for elderly, private households, rehabilitation centres, etc.)

Partners from other AAL SCP countries

Digirehab is searching for following partners to be part of project consortia:

- At least one eligible for-profit business partner

- At least one eligible end-user organization

Desired partners are from The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.  


Contact details


Niels Heuer - Director
Phone: +45 2272 7220


Brovej 20A, 8800 Viborg