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Elder monitoring, geofencing, active ageing

Our organisation type is:: SME, Business partner

We are active in the following Technologies: Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Interfaces, software (front end), Integration, Learning & Training, Accessibility, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Public Health policies, Impact assessment, Business development, Project management

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Safety, security, privacy, Skills enhancement, Social interaction, Other

Indeco Soft is one of the leading eGovernment Solution providers in Romania, constantly innovating for the public administration in particular and the public sector in general.  Our solutions include taxation software, electronic payments, accounting software, budgeting, documents management, archive management, urban planning and social assistance. 

Our social responsibility focuses are energy efficiency and active aging.  We started tackling with the optimization of energy consumption through a service for accurate assessment of solar energy potential at building level for an ICT-PSP project – as well as a software product for resource usage management.

Using the expertise and knowledge acquired working with social assistance public services and tacking into account the need to assume a higher degree of social responsibility and encouraging social entrepreneurship, Indeco Soft has developed a software solution for elder monitoring that promotes an active and independent lifestyle for elders, in a non-invasive manner.  It is called EMOTIoN and targets elders with minor cognitive disorders and heart problems.  It’s implemented for a Social Entreprise and constantly tracks elder’s pulse and geolocation, providing the means for localization, geofencing and real-time SMS and web alerts in case of abnormal values or geofencing breach.

We are looking for opportunities to further develop our software services towards encouraging the use of ICT by elderly persons and providing the means for both healthy or disabled elders to independently live at home and remain active for as long as possible. We consider ICT for active aging should help compensate the effects of getting old, while requiring a minimal amount of attention from the person utilizing it, while helping, in a non-invasive way, perform everyday activities.

We take security, privacy and personal data protection very seriously and spend a lot of effort towards performing Privacy Impact Analysis and Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment for each of our products and processes.

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