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SME Partner Experienced in AAL

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, User perspective, Tertiary end-users: public sector service organizers, social security systems, insurance companies, Learning & Training, Other technology provider, Public Health policies, Impact assessment, Business development, Project management

Applications: Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer, Other


SYNYO, with its interdisciplinary approach, has accumulated a rich Active and Assisted Living (AAL) project expertise through a thoughtleading team. In addition to that, SYNYO has been able to deeply dive into the network of AAL partners and affiliates from governments, industry and research sectors to ensure wide-reaching impacts of proposals and projects. Understanding social, cultural, economic and political dynamics within a society are indispensable prerequisites for identifying technological demands, and for implementing inventive solutions. 

SYNYO builds social collaborative platforms to improve approaches in the fields of AAL, bringing state-of-the-art solutions to Connected Care and Health Communities, as realized with iCareCoops.

Modern day technical innovation in the field of health and ageing is currently moving towards pluralization of expertise requirements, incorporating an evergrowing community of experts with highly different background. Through continuous advancement in means of ICT, novel ways to tackle health- and agerelated problems are enabled, while further challenges are created. Current trends are set out to address various stakeholders, covering end user, businesses and decision makers in medical and care sectors as well as municipalities. Therefore, topics like patient empowerment, active and healthy aging, eHealth and mHealth, personalized medicine as well as the so-called Silver Economy are increasing in relevance among researchers across the world.

Due to our broad expertise in analysis, research and development, we at SYNYO are able to tackle challenges in developing novel Active and Assisted Living (AAL) solution, to foster digital literacy of end users and policy makers as well as to handle health-related data, covering relevant know-how on big data, open data and information aggregation, harmonization and visualization. Our strong commitment to responsible research design with special respect to security and privacy led to SYNYOs huge success as one of Europe’s leading research and development SME in the field of active and healthy ageing.



SYNYO performs extended market screening and assessments based on predefined triggers and criteria providing…

  • Collections of market players like manufacturers, vendors, or providers of AAL solutions, products, and services for selected markets presented with structured lists and profiles
  • Mappings of local, European or international AAL landscapes and markets including stakeholders, end user organisations, implementers, and associated decision makers.
  • Assessments of selected products, services, or integrated solutions based on AAL-relevant concepts, classifications, technologies, features, interfaces, and further criteria.

FOCUS 2: Dissemination & Networking

SYNYO provides professional support for the positioning of your project, product, or service with focus on…

  • Visibility by creating digital and printed materials like leaflets, data sheets, brochures or newsletters to raise awareness on your project, solution, product or service.
  • Distribution via various online channels and social media using as well our networks and mailing lists to ensure your projec outcomes are reaching the right target groups.
  • Engagement of required networks, stakeholders, end users, app developers, industries, and potential clients by leading mobilisation measures along the whole project lifecycle

FOCUS 3: Exploitation and Commercialisation

SYNYO initiates exploitation and commercialisation measures considering the specific conditions of the AAL ecosystem in Europe and potential further markets creating…

  • Strategies for effective exploitation activities and sustainable market development measures using established plans, methodologies, tools, and instruments.
  • Cooperations with vendors, white label distributors, and commercialisation partners providing detailed solution sheets, vendor profiles, and running networking activities.
  • Opportunities in the investment community by developing investment sheets, reports, and presentations and sharing them with potential investors and strong accelerators.

Skills and Competences: Research on eHealth, mHealth, sHealth; Stakeholder Surveys with AAL Vendors; Providing APIs for Seamless Communication; Piloting and Testing; Intelligent ICT-solutions 


Research Projects

ActiveAdvice: Decision Support Solutions for Independent Living using an Intelligent AAL Product and Service Cloud (AAL-2015-2-058) Role: Coordinator
Follow.Me: Living actively and independently at home (AAL-2015-108) Role: Partner
iCareCoops: Fostering Care Cooperatives in Europe by Building an Innovative Platform with ICT-Based and AAL-Driven Services (AAL EU 802030) Role: Coordinator
TAALXONOMY: Development of a Feasible Taxonomy for Efficient Classification of Active & Assisted Living (AAL) Products and Services (benefit) Role: Coordinator

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