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Home care mobile app matching retirees with elderly in need of care

Home Care | Work opportunities for seniors | Technology platform

Home Care | Work opportunities for seniors | Technology platform

Our organisation type is:: Business partner

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, Interfaces, software (front end), Learning & Training, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Knowledge transfer, Business development

Applications: Home care, Work

Our societies are ill-equipped to cater for longevity. People live with mobility issues for much longer and maintaining decent quality of life creates pressures that few health systems are prepared to deal with. Each of us is faced with the prospects of actively caring for our parents. The issue is more acute in Romania, where 1 in 5 adults work abroad for economic reasons while their parents grow old alone. Western Europe faces similar issues, as geographical proximity to parents is uncommon.

The Care Hub aims to provide home-care to people who need it by connecting them digitally and in real time with recently retired people looking for meaningful and flexible work. We build a community of seniors, providing a more natural, caring connection to people with mobility issues (due to age or disability).Our care services come without long-term contracts, making it easy and affordable to get the right amount of help people need. We deliver people-care services in a safe, timely and reliable manner.

We have an early trial with 20 recently retired people in Timisoara, Romania, who have provided 650 care hours in 2019. Our partners work as entrepreneurs, and we, The Care Hub, support them with each step of setting up their legal entity, accounting and tax matters, qualification trainings, etc while also marketing their services in the local community.

We are aiming to scale up the model by testing the use of a mobile application prototype that would act as a match-making platform between the families looking for home care for their elderly or disabled loved ones and the retirees looking to maintain an active life and to gain additional income.

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Monica Moldovan
Phone: +40748209933


The Care Hub
Zavoi, 1, 30094 Timisoara