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Innovative solutions for elderly;telehealth solutions;ICT software integrator

Our organisation type is:: Research institution, End user organisation, Other

We are active in the following Technologies: User perspective, Social Science/Elderly, Field trials / living lab, Interfaces, software (front end), Integration, Learning & Training, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Public Health policies, Impact assessment, Knowledge transfer

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Social interaction, Work

Cova da Beira Hospital Center (CHCB), in Covilhã, Portugal, is a general and academic hospital which mission, beyond providing health-care services is: - Develop high-responsibility education, by being the nuclear hospital of Faculty of Health Sciences, in University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal; - Collaborate with Health Sciences Research Centre (, a research structure integrated in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University ofBeira Interior. - Participate in undergraduate and postgraduate education, according to national and international designs; - Develop clinical and scientific research by promoting international consolidation of Portuguese science and by contributing to support credible business initiatives, in health technologies area. CHCB has 307 beds with support from several specialties including: cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, immunoallergology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, neurology, nutrition and physical activity, pulmonology, rheumatology, unit of smoking cessation, critical care medicine, surgical services anesthesia, general surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, paediatrics, neonatology, reproductive medicine, pathology, imaging, hemotherapy service, physical medicine and rehabilitation, clinical pathology, psychiatry and psychiatric treatment of children and adolescents. The hospital center outpatients’ clinics and urgency service, palliative medicine and oncology. CHCB has a unit that was created to develop a policy to incentive the growth of research projects, the Center for Clinical Investigation. Thus, CHCB is an interdisciplinary research platform on which researchers and clinicians are able to exchange scientific information and create collaborations with the goal of developing and improving health care. This hospital center is well equipped with diverse technical facilities that enable the production of diagnostic and therapeutic tests, laboratory tests, imaging and surgical services. It is highly sought not only for academic research but also for clinical trials, observational studies and experimental studies. To promote, coordinate and support these studies, it was created in 2012 the Office of Clinical Trials. Keywords: Prevention; Smoking; Healthy ageing; Therapeutic strategies; Social policies

Contact details


Miguel Castelo-Branco
Phone: +351 275 330 000


Centro Hospitalar Cova da Beira
Quinta do Alvito, 6200-251 Covilhã