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market research, socio-economic analysis, business models, exploitation strategy

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: User perspective, Social Science/Elderly, Design, Tertiary end-users: public sector service organizers, social security systems, insurance companies, Communication technologies / Tele-systems, Learning & Training, Accessibility, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Public Health policies, Knowledge transfer, Business development, Project management

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer, Mobility, Social interaction, Other

ASM is private, non-profit research SME, founded in 1996, specialised in project management, socio-economic research, market and business analysis. In area of market and business analysis ASM works on business plans, business models and market strategies planning using different market analysis methods: desk research, questionnaire interviews, In depth interviews and on this base define market shares, market potential, forecasts, etc. In socio economic studies ASM has been developing regional economic profiles, economic forecasts and promotional strategies for many regional and local authorities in Poland.


From 2002 ASM have participated in 45 EU research projects as a coordinator and partner market analysis (potential and forecasts, clients and competition in depth analysis, market entry barriers, cost of the market implementation for R&D results, value chain analysis), business models identification and validation, business plans, foresight, socio-economic analysis, analysis on customers’ & end users motivations, behavioural patterns, attitudes, awareness, education, e-learning, evaluation of policies and programmes at national and European level, dissemination and exploitation strategies (including analysis of the factors that influence exploitation of project results e.g. standardisation, safety, ethical issues, gender issues, regulatory aspects, risk assessment), communication activities planning and coordination (www, media relations, workshops, conferences, newsletter, brochures, etc.). Currently we participate in five H2020 projects and 2 projects co-funded within AAL programme.


In AAL projects we play a role of Leader of Dissemination and Exploitation related activities being responsible for dissemination plan development and number of dissemination activities. Moreover ASM works on  methodology of market research and conducts market analysis, elaborates innovative business models and prepares business plan for projects’ products and services developed.


ASM employees 23 permanent staff – experts in market research, psychology, sociology, statistics, economy, marketing and management.  ASM was granted in 2011 the status of Research and Development Centre by the Polish Minister of Economy.


We have our own NeuroLab studio to research biometric data. We use the following techniques: EYE TRACKING, ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY (EEG), GALVANIC SKIN RESPONSE (GSR), ELECTROMYOGRAPHY (EMG), FACE TRACKING / FACE READING (FT) to research the:

  • functionality of user interface of websites / mobile applications, games
  • reception of audio-visual materials/ advertisements / movies / videocasts
  • impact of music and sound on specific individual behaviurs/ reactions, emotions, decisions, choices
  • purchase decisions, customer response and activity, quality of service, merchandising, branding
  • consumer’s food tests / culinary tests
  • psychophysical activity of drivers and machinery operators

It will be perfectly applicable to the project as an effective method for researching elders' attitude to the project’s solution.

Contact details


Aleksandra Oleksik


ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre
Grunwaldzka 5, 99-301 Kutno