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Middleware infrastructure for supporting AAL projects

Our organisation type is:: University, Research institution, SME

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, Design, Hardware, sensors, actuators, Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Interfaces, software (front end), Accessibility, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Impact assessment, Knowledge transfer, Project management

Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer

Our lab ( has expertise in AAL projects, primarily in the technology aspects of projects.

My previous experience includes the development of a pluggable, OSGi-based sensor/actuator fusion middleware that was developed to enable rapid prototyping of AAL applications for persons with motor disabilities (ICT-AsTeRICS). I was a main contributor to the design and implementation of the pluggable architecture.

I have also been involved to a lesser extent to the develpment of a social framework for enabling easier and richer interaction, especially among the elderly (AAL-CVN).

From a technical perspective our main strength is in:

  • Design and implementation of robust middleware architectures for realizing AAL projects
  • Significant expertise in: Java/OSGi, Android, App Engine cloud technology

Furthermore, our group has a strong background in EU-funded projects, with significant expertise in managing work packages, and producing document and software deliverables of high quality on time.

Contact details


Nearchos Paspallis, Ph.D.
Phone: +35724694091


UCLan Cyprus
12-14 University Avenue, 7080 Pyla