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Mobile applications and embedded systems

Our organisation type is:: Research institution, SME

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, Design, Hardware, sensors, actuators, Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Interfaces, software (front end), Integration, Communication technologies / Tele-systems, Accessibility, Other technology provider, Project management

Applications: Health & wellness, Hobbies , Home care, Information and learning, Mobility, Safety, security, privacy, Skills enhancement, Social interaction, Work, Other

Open-RnD is highly qualified company focused on mobile devices software programming and embedded systems design. Our specialties are client-customized, dedicated Software/Hardware platforms and systems. You may find our solutions in automotive, intelligent buildings control, consumer electronics and mobile applications. In our solutions we connect embedded systems and user-customized mobile applications, which are served by reliable and scalable Erlang based backend. Our skilled HW and SW engineers are willing to develop your product from early concept and prototype till final, tested product. If it is necessary we also provide exploration in ITC area.

We offer research and development of challenging projects in different fields as automotive, embedded systems, Erlang based-solutions, mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Open-RnD realized last year several products in few areas:

- automotive: end to end solution for remote content management and Vehicle upgrades

- intelligent buildings: servers and protocols for remote controlling with connection to mobile clients (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

- mobile apps: social networking, loyalty systems, taxi ordering, audiobook readers with DMS, movie player, mobile games

- embedded systems: smart watch with dedicated mobile apps

We are part of MedICT cluster with Technical University of Lodz, Poland and hospitals in our area. We hired only well-educated and experienced software and hardware engineers. We like challenges and interesting projects. 

We are full of passion and Open for cooperation.


Contact details


Sekalski Przemyslaw, PhD
Phone: +486033307508


Open-RnD sp. z o.o.
Skarbowa 16, 91-473 Lodz