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Mobile sensors

Our organisation type is:: University

We are active in the following Technologies: Hardware, sensors, actuators, Interfaces, software (front end), Public Health policies

Applications: Health & wellness, Mobility, Safety, security, privacy, Work



Our expertise on mobile sensors


Modern smartphones and smartwatches contain many sensors, like an accelerometer, a gyroscope or an atmospheric pressure chip, from where we are able to extract raw data and compute useful information. For instance, our Recover@home project: Recover@home is a monitoring solution to be used at home by people who undergo lower body orthopaedic surgery. It is the very first solution that uses wristband sensors to keep an eye on patients after their operation and accompanies them throughout their recovery process. By correlating objective data and subjective patients feedback, Recover@home improves the quality of care, shortens hospital stay, increases satisfaction and reduces medical costs.


We can provide a full sub-consortium!


Thanks to our currently running AAL projects (see and therefore our numerous links with industrial partners, we can if needed provide a full academic-SME sub-consortium. In this case, we as university would fully concentrate on the research aspects while our industrial partner would focus his work on the use cases and the industrialization of the product. For instance we are currently creating an UWB chip (size of a coin) allowing a positionning with an accuracy of 20cm.


Why to choose us?


  • Good experience in AAL projects (as partner and coordinator)
  • With a total budget of 4M, Switzerland is a safe partner
  • Good business experience
  • Used to work with high quality standards (IS0 9001)
  • Dissemination experience (publication and media)
  • We can provide a full sub-consortium




Contact details


Michel Deriaz, PhD
Phone: +41.22.379.01.04


University of Geneva - TaM R&D group
7 Drize, 1227 Carouge