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Research and development of eHealth systems

Our organisation type is:: Large Enterprise

We are active in the following Technologies: Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Interfaces, software (front end), Standardization, Accessibility, Impact assessment, Project management

Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning, Safety, security, privacy

About us

Info World is the largest company in Romania entirely focused on providing customized, modular eHealth solutions. Since its founding in 2000, Info World has become the leading eHealth solution provider in the country. Its product stack includes end-to-end solutions that are focused on all facets of healthcare from the management of the healthcare unit and its specialists, management of financial assets and stock, and patient-centric solutions. Info World currently has over 140 customers that include both public and privately-funded organizations ranging between private practices and multi-department units of care. Its software solutions are compatible with leading medical informatics standards such as HL7 v3, employ advanced security features such as those provided by the WS-* family of standards and are developed using multiple platforms including .NET, Java, XPDL-based Workflow systems and Rich Internet Application technologies. The company is also active in empowering patients with regards to their healthcare status. The Medipedia web portal, available at and having over 36.000 registered users provides free online access to patients’ electronic health records, also facilitating health-based discussions and allowing patients to receive advice from and set up appointments with registered physicians.

Our experience

Info World is active in research, where it has coordinated and participated in several completed or ongoing international projects. Among relevant endeavors we mention:

  • Sound of Vision (Horizon 2020) - Sound of Vision will design, implement and validate an original non-invasive hardware and software system to assist visually impaired people by creating and conveying an auditory representation of the surrounding environment. This representation will be created, updated and delivered to a blind person continuously and in real time. This system will help visually impaired people in any kind of environment (indoor/outdoor), without the need for predefined tags/sensors located in the surroundings.
  • RASEN (FP7) - The expected result of RASEN was an approach to security assessment that consists of methods and techniques to support the following. Compositional security assessment: How the security assessment can be broken down into smaller parts and systematically composed to obtain the global assessment. Risk-based security testing: How to derivative security test cases from security risk assessment results. Test-based security risk assessment: How to verify and update of the security risk assessment based on security test results. Legal security risk assessment: How to assess and understand compliance with legal norms related to information security. Continuous security assessment: How reuse results from previous security assessments and to rapidly update the security risk assessment based on passive testing (also called monitoring).
  • HAI-OPS (Eurostars) - HAI-OPS will build a pragmatic, automated solution to significantly decrease HAI prevalence. The project will create a cyber-physical solution integrating a network of sensors and monitoring software able to provide real-time information & alerts, advanced analytics for cutting down HAI roots and for outbreak prevention, all packed as configurable, standards-compliant plug-in for existing Hospital Information Systems (HIS). The project will handle the prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAI) both as singular cases and outbreaks. HAI-OPS will support healthcare as a service for critical necessity. Any clinical location is a potential customer. Primary targets are the ones with extremely high risks of HAI (surgery, invasive investigations, acute care and infectious diseases units).
  • i-Light (Eurostars) - The aim of this project is to develop a novel energy efficient luminaire equipped with an embedded sensing, indoor localisation and communications electronic system that enables a pervasive, seamless, and inexpensive home monitoring scheme. This product will be defined as a next-generation intelligent LED bulb that includes an additional electronic core for environment interfacing, data acquisition and transmission. This novel solution will enable a set of services to prospective users/clients: telehealth applications, ambient assisted living, home rehabilitation applications, educational or training scenarios, or any other framework where long term pervasive monitoring is required.

Our interests

We are interested in establishing new partnerships and starting projects with European organizations in many domains of eHealth. Info World has the required expertise to support research, development, testing and dissemination activities within eHealth focused projects. Our aim is to further broaden our expertise and expand the reach of our product stack. Our company has many established partnerships with Romanian and European organizations working in both eHealth, eHealth interoperability as well as healthcare and legal medicine.


Contact details


Arthur Molnar, PhD


SC Info World SRL
Intrarea Glucozei 37-39, Bucharest