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Translating in-depth user insight into products and service concepts

Our organisation type is:: Research institution

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, User perspective, Social Science/Elderly, Design, Field trials / living lab, Learning & Training, Accessibility, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Impact assessment, Knowledge transfer, Business development, Project management

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer, Mobility, Skills enhancement, Social interaction, Work


The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is an independent, nonprofit research and technology organisation supplying technological services such as research consultancy, tests, certification and training to companies and public-sector organizations. We work to create new technological knowledge and to enable its translation into effective and practical solutions to the benefit of private and public enterprises and society in Denmark and internationally.

The Institute adopts an interdisciplinary approach to innovation and to the task of improving the ability of companies to exploit new technologies and combines state-of-the-art technical facilities to provide cutting edge solutions to operational and technical challenges. Our R&D projects range from industrial development projects, national and international joint research and innovation activities to deployment projects, dissemination, capacity building and technology transfer.

The Institute employs experts under the auspices of the following divisions: Building and Construction, Energy and Climate, Business and Society, Life Science, Food, Materials and Production. Commercial customer activities account for the majority of the institute’s turnover. The yearly turnover is 140 million Euros and the international commercial turnover is 29.6 million Euros.

Our expertise

The Division of Business and Society is at the forefront on the development of new technologies that improve the quality of life and care processes for people living with disability and long-term conditions while reducing the costs of care. We work with health care providers, end-user organizations, technology companies and the voluntary sector to enable them to accelerate the deployment of new technologies for independent living to the benefit of end users.

We seek to improve the lives of those affected by disability and long term disease (physical and mental health) by facilitating the development and uptake of effective innovations to reduce the everyday challenges they face. We aim to do this by:

>Producing in-depth understanding of people in their everyday environment – their aspirations, wants and needs, their abilities, attitudes and preferences with respect to health, care and technology;
>Harnessing advances in science and engineering to create the next generation of technologies for independent living;
>Co-developing and evaluating technologies from ideas to products and services with patients, carers, user groups and clinical professionals to ensure that solutions are acceptable, provide real benefit and are cost-effective;
>Leveraging resources and building strong public private partnerships to address health and care challenges;
>Building capacity to implement new technologies within health and social care organisations and private markets to the benefits of end users;
>Synthesizing and disseminating new knowledge and new practices;

Project examples

Why to choose us?

>Track record of working with and connecting users and healthcare professionals, to design, develop and deliver innovative solutions to address everyday healthcare challenges;
>In-depth insights into human behavior and user needs and their translation into products and service concepts;
>Strong experience in change management, capacity building (workforce training, technology implementation, organizational development);
>Experience in business model development;
>Strong experience in innovation methodologies and innovation and project management;
>Expertise in ergonomics, work health safety and risk management;
>Easy access to care professionals, medical specialists, and patients;
>Multidisciplinary team and close cooperation with technical experts covering ICTs, robotics, new materials, RFID, transport and logistics;
>Strong experience in dissemination and publishing;

Contact details


Marie Paldam Folker, MSc Anthropology and Senior Consultant
Phone: 0045-72201166


Business and Society, Danish Technological Institute
Gergersensvej 1, 2630 Taastrup