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Danish/Austrian project looking for partner in AAL Small Collaborative Project

Expertise: User perspective, Design, Tertiary end-users: public sector service organizers, social security systems, insurance companies, Learning & Training

We are looking for the following organisations: Large Enterprise, Evaluation (trials) specialist organisation, Marketing specialist organisation, Business partner

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Skills enhancement, Work, Other

Looking for partners in the following Countries : Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain

Danish/Austrian project looking for a business partner in AAL Small Collaborative Project – Rehabilitation

We are searching for a business partner for Small Collaborative Project in AAL JP.

Deadline 28 May 2018 

The objective is to test a tablet-based solution from Danish SME Digirehab in a different end-user environment. The solution enables caregivers – not educated in physical training – to carry out physical training, anticipating that a stronger body will have the effect that the elderlies will have less need of assistance.

Duration is 6 months, preferably starting November 2018, ending April 2019.

Budget: Max. co-funding per total consortium 300.000 EUR. Consult your AAL NCP for information about co-funding rate.


The aim of the study is to test:

We already have indicators proofing that DigiRehab enables caregivers in Scandinavia - who are not skilled to carry out rehabilitation - to train elderlies, resulting in less need of assistance. In AAL we aim to test how the technical solution can be fitted into other European welfare models, more specifically explore:

o   How can new types of end-users be involved to improve or refine the concept (co-creation)?

o   What organizational transformation/changes will be observed in a new care system context (physical improvement, time saved for caregivers, etc)?

o   What type of caregivers will use the DigiRehab-solution?

o   What type of organizations will have the benefit from the caregivers using DigiRehab, i.e. who will pay for the solution?

o   Based on what criteria are the elderlies chosen for DigiRehab?

o   How is the jurisdiction when handling personal data e.g. in relation to e-journals in a different setting than Scandinavian?  



  • Business partner (MISSING):
  • Evaluation 
  • Market studies and strategies
  • Dissemination WP
  • Legal expertise and corporate law (incl. Personal Data Protection Clause)


  • SME Partner in DK: Danish SME Digirehab A/S
    • Technology and equipment
    • Technical solution 
  • End-user partner Austria:
    • Lead coordination
    • Provision of end-user groups
    • Research at University of Graz
    • Clinical studies




AAL Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer, Skills enhancement 

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