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EyeSenior: adding information to the visually impaired seniors’ life

Expertise: Social Science/Elderly, Design, Interfaces, software (front end), Integration, Communication technologies / Tele-systems, Accessibility

We are looking for the following organisations: SME, End user organisation, Business partner

Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning

Looking for partners in the following Countries : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain

Keywords: seniors; visual impairment; accessibility; usability; information; assistive technologies

Europe and the rest of the world are facing an abrupt and continuous increase in the number of older people, which represents several challenges. The integration of older people into the social environment, as well as creating the conditions for them to age in a participatory, independent and autonomous way require that various stakeholders in society organize themselves and develop solutions according to the needs of individuals, such as assistive technologies.

Most of the elderly face modifications at a sensory level, namely in terms of visual acuity, which can be manifested by loss of visual quality as a normal consequence of the aging process or by eye diseases that are typical in advanced ages (eg.: cataracts). The declining of this ability creates a series of challenges, often with a severe impact on their ability to live independently and in society.

EyeSenior is a service that gathers news from several informative sources, which allows blind or low vision senior users to access the available content with the aim of promoting their autonomy and independence as well as their integration and participation in community life. This system will include content from various categories that are essential for an active aging process and designed for different devices including, for example, smartphones, computers and televisions. The resulting platform of the project will be supported, among others, by an auditory and haptic feedback system (if applicable), with a customizable graphical interface. This solution can be accessed in indoor or outdoor context, considering the versatility of the supported devices. The form of access to the service is adapted to the type of device in use in order to provide a user-friendly experience (for example, through voice commands or keyboard shortcuts).

It is intended that the system to be developed will be capable of informing seniors about specific situations in their environment, regardless of the visual limitations they carry and considering the guidelines that promote usability and accessibility.


We look partners for Small Collaborative Projects

Contact details


Telmo Eduardo Miranda Castelão da Silva
Phone: +351927992357


University of Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago, 3810-193 Aveiro