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Social Robot for elderly people

Expertise: Service innovation, User perspective, Social Science/Elderly, Design, Field trials / living lab, Hardware, sensors, actuators, Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Interfaces, software (front end), Integration, Communication technologies / Tele-systems, Business development, Project management

We are looking for the following organisations: University, Research institution, SME, End user organisation, Business partner

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Social interaction

Our goal is to build a companion robot which has the ability to signicantly decreases this feelings of loneliness by giving a “human touch” interaction between the robot and its host and is able to detect and act in case of emergency.
We are very pleased that a committed JUMP team of Technical University of Delft made the first step in defining the problem, researched different solutions and came with a working prototype of the product:
An affordable companion robot.
We are looking for enthusiast partners to help reaching our goal and take the product to the next step in the engineering fase.
We are also looking for funding partners.
For more info please contact me by email.

Contact details


Erwin van Breda Bsc MBA


Van Breda B.V.
Mercuriusweg 21, 6971GV Brummen

The Netherlands