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SPARKX - Developing and testing ICT solutions for outdoor rehabilitation

Expertise: User perspective, Project management

We are looking for the following organisations: SME

Applications: Health & wellness

Looking for partners in the following Countries : Austria, Belgium

SPARKX will constitute an innovation platform to develop and test ICT-based solutions aimed at outdoor rehabilitation. The aim of the project is to enhance the opportunities for elderly and people with disabilities in general to train and participate in a rehabilitation activity outdoors. This will be achieved by creating a space where companies through close end-user involvement can test products, specify developmental initiatives and validate the use of the products for a rehabilitation purpose.


We are looking for SMEs who would be interested in exploring how an existing ICT solution can be adapted to a new user group, that is primarily elderly with mobility disabilities, but also other people who participate in a rehabilitation activity. The criterion is that the product can be used and installed outside with a rehabilitation purpose.


Contact details


Ole Mygind
Phone: +45 2133 7668


Marselis Borg Centret
P.P. ├śrums Gade 11, 8000 Aarhus